Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memories arise

As of late I have had fun reconnecting with my friend Justina. Always interesting how face book can get you talking to people from your past that in reality you never really knew. Now I was originally going to blog again about everything that's going on such as my workouts, work, etc. But today while talking with Justina she talked to me about an assignment she had for class. A free flow poem about some hardship that you have gotten through in the third person. I used to write a bit of poetry back in the day so I put pen to paper and see what came out. Sometimes writing out your thoughts feels like an emotional cleansing. The result is below about my Fathers hospital stay, just wrote it straight through so there likely are grammatical errors.

A doctor walks in to look at a chart,
and asks how the patient is feeling.
His son in a sleepless daze arises,
he asks when his father can be admitted out.
I'm sorry says the doctor as he glances at the chart once more,
can I speak to you out in the hall.
The son says ok and shoots a smile at his dad,
his dad speaks only Spanish,
so he lays back in calm and silence.
We have to keep your Father for more tests,
we don't know why he's bleeding or when it will stop,
all we can do is continue till we see a result.
Silence is all the son could say,
until finally saying ok,
can he have something to eat?
I'm sorry but his only consumption is ice chips,
till we find what is wrong.
Back to the room the son would go,
same questions same answers for almost a week.
Son to his Father would say everything was fine,
as he could see his hunger grow stronger.
Till finally the bleeding was done and all was ok,
and the greatest satisfaction for the son,
was to see his father finally eat soup that day.

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