Tuesday, September 8, 2009

THE List

There comes moments when everyone will reflect on what they've accomplished and what could have been. On May 18, 2009 I turned 27. I planned on celebrating it by being woken up by a baby crying, my wife turning to me and saying, don't worry stay in bed, relax it's your birthday. Then I rolled over and just as I was getting settled in my son would use the bed as a trampoline and drop a massive elbow onto me while yelling "happy birthday dad where are we going." That did not happen. Instead it was the sound of an alarm at 4am. Rolling out of bed and getting my workout clothes on to go for a jog. It was nice to get some random birthday text messages though. I did celebrate the day before. Took myself to a morning workout, breakfast, and then to watch my favorite book get adapted to the big screen, "Angels and Demons", which like everyone says about any book made into a movie.....the book was better.

At midnight of my birthday, just got me thinking of what I haven't accomplished. I wasn't bitter about not having wife and kids because I do believe all happens for a reason. I was possibly saved from a possible horrible marriage that likely could have ended messy and then also put the kids through it. Not something I ever want to go through. That was just my original thoughts on where my life would be.

And so I came up with this list. Don't get me wrong I am very happy with my life, but am I satisfied with my life, no. Now I was going to keep it private, but why should I? I should be held accountable for my goals. And here they are, there might be more added on, but this is the first run through. Enjoy.

1) Complete a Marathon
2) Complete a Triathlon
3) Go Sky Diving
4) Finish my Story Writing
5) Run "Love is Blind" event in 3 cities
6) Compete in 20 Wrestling Matches
7) Move outside of Bakersfield, CA
8) Learn to Play the Guitar (1 Song)
9) Go to Sea World
10) Camp at Yosemite
11) Travel to State I have never been to by plane.
12) Take Amtrak to Oregon
13) Take Amtrak to East Coast city, furthest East possible
14) Increase J Line company revenue of 2008 by 15%
15) Go river rafting
16) Find a new "Holy Grail" (New favored activity)
17) Go to Raging Waters
18) Get my body to a place where I can be happy with (Abs)
19) Get over fear of contacts or get lasik surgery
20) Learn to swim well
21) Win an award of some kind
22) Compete in a charity event
23) Complete a computer repair course
24) Finish off either college or car bill
25) Finish lyrics and music for current songs
26) Spend a weekend at a different beach
27) Learn to golf well
28) Perform a successful back flip
29) Ride a jet ski
30) Have a hangout spot
31) Have an spontaneous Vegas trip w/someone
32) Hike a known mountain
33) Shoot a tommy gun
34) Run a naked mile
35) Go to the grand canyon
36) Go to Hawaii
37) Visit the Statue of Liberty
38) Get dance lessons
39) Go skiing
40) Get a tattoo
41) Go to a Monster Truck event
42) Visit a new country
43) Post poems online
44) Go to Disney World

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  1. Sky Diving sounds fun! Great list. Hope you accomplish all of these and more.

    Also, I know you have 44 things on your list, but there is a website devoted to tracking goals & hearing how others did it... www.43things.com Check it out!