Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog Cherry

My friend Courtney first gave me the idea to get onto this site and start blogging. I had previously seen this website through other sources and had always said I wanted to start writing my ideas and thoughts. But just like my previous ideas such as keeping my wrestling website updated it became a faint thought in the back of my head of "I really should write about this, or write about that, really wish I could get this out there." And finally it has come. I got onto this website, signed up, and am in the process of my first blog. Now the question is how long will I keep it up for? Well I will likely get one maybe even two, if I'm feeling frisky, off tonight. And yes I think the word frisky is a very cool word. Currently I'm trying to raise as much funds as possible to get my bills as low as possible. I have always kept my info updated with the temp staffing agencies and up popped a security job, they are 12 hour shifts. Currently I'm on the 5:30 PM to 5:30 AM slot. I do have to go to my other job working for my families transportation company directly after this but the reason I decided to do this shift is not only do I get overtime but it's also holiday pay, so why not. It'll literally pay off in the end. I am not behind on any of my bills, actually I am currently ahead, it's just that I want to remember the time when I was completely debt free. I owed nothing on my car, nothing on my credit cards, and did not have any student loans. That way since I am still single with no children be able to tour some place and vacation conscious free.

It's just that with taking this part time job I am getting in the way of one of my other goals. My fitness goals. I am really not happy where my body has gotten to. I reconnected with my friend Courtney, who I must say is one of the most incredible girls you could ever meet. Not trying to kiss up or anything because she'll likely be reading this but just stating a fact that I do believe she is simply Awesome, and yes I capitalized the "a" in awesome to put emphasis on it, even though it is not grammatically correct....or maybe it is? Anyways, she brought to my attention the workout called "Insanity" and yes indeed it is insane. Now I will admit most of the time.....wait let me rephrase that, all of the video workouts I have done I have quit during, with the exception of a couple of the Biggest Loser workouts but I have never completed the six weeks of workouts they talked about.

Now "Insanity" is a 60 day workout plan. One I have actually managed to keep up with. I've pushed through on all the workouts and only find myself one day behind due to doing two jobs. I've even done the workouts while at my second job. Just brought a spare pair of clothes to change into. Luckily the other security person didn't head back there while I was shirtless and dripping of sweat. I don't think I have ever produced so much sweat in my life as when I do these workouts. There is literally a pool of sweat on the ground when I am done. Yes I know, it's so hot, stop panting and focus. I actually have Courtney to thank for that since she as well is doing this same workout.

One thing about myself is I'm big into competition. No matter what we're competing at. Now Courtney is a fitness instructor, on top of that, she was my first college girlfriend. Get it? Nobody wants to give up in front of an ex. Not that it really means anything, it's just that you don't want to appear to be a loser. And with the fit tests that are done, bingo, competition, along with that is the sole competition with myself. I usually kid about wanting abs so perfect I want to be able to bedazzle them. Hey everyone has to have goals......well that's my goal as silly as it may sound.

That is all for the moment. I am going to make myself a low fat turkey sandwich with and tomatoes aren't really friends, more like acquaintances we only get along when they're stewed or grilled, but fresh, not so much. I'm trying to change that and have a proper, but strictly nutritional, relationship with the tomato.

Adios for now.

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