Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog for EC Class

One of the questions in my assignment this week was to post a blog on my personal interests. Now originally blogging was supposed to be a personal interest, at least I attempted to make it one. That all failed thanks to work and a lack of schedule. Well here goes another attempt.

Two of my personal interests are the wide worlds of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. Now one of these things is not like the other. Professional wrestling is staged and more theatrical while mixed martial arts is more of a human cock fight. I admit wrestling is staged, but not for the weak of heart. When I first stepped through the ropes at my first day of training I thought I was a superstar. That was until my back hit the mat and all of the air quickly escaped my body and it was no where to be found. I quickly learned that although it is staged, it is a grueling sport. Now as for mixed martial arts. It is far from a human cock fight. The training and the different levels of mastery of mixed martial arts is incredible. The best boxer in the world can walk into the cage and get beat by a mediocre Brazilian Jui Jitsu practitioner. And vice versa. In order to be a fighter you must practice several different forms of mixed martial arts to survive. And that's what I enjoy most about it, the different techniques and game plans fighters try to impose.

Another interest of mine that people have laughed about is my love for Godzilla. Nothing is better to me than a guy in a big rubber suit. And please do not interject with, "well how cool can he be, Matthew Broderick beat him." That was not the real Godzilla. It was a bastardization of the legend known as Godzilla. All that was needed was for Toho, the company who created Godzilla, to blow the rape whistle. Now the US movie wasn't bad, if it wasn't named Godzilla. I do believe my love for Godzilla movies came from my childhood. Back then we didn't have cable television, we just got whatever local channel our coat hanger antennae could reach. And most of the time on weekends, there were Godzilla movies. It was either that or "Little House on the Praire." Now I could continue writing about my love for Godzilla, but since I'm doing this for class, I digress and move on.

For some reason as of late I have become obsessed with tattoos. Now I don't have any of my own, but I find it fascinating the designs and locations people decide to get them at. Also the inspiration behind them. I'm drawn to them and find myself having more conversations with random people I'll meet in the street to ask them about theirs.

Now I could lie and continue a list of all my interests. In reality I have a lot of interests but they are mostly all fleeting. I like to read, but haven't read many books. I like to write, but haven't written in a long time. I used to always be on active searches looking for new workouts to do, and now I'm getting more round. The main thing in life I do is work. I work for a family company and it takes up most of my time. The main interest above all I love to do, is selling. I get so much joy from being able to take a product or service and selling it to consumers or other businesses. I just can't get enough of it. Especially during the holiday season my family puts up a Christmas Tree lot. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable than selling Christmas Trees. There's no pressure sales there, no commissions pending. Just the holiday spirit. My tag line I use is "it's not really about the tree, it's who you put around it."

And that is it for the interests that come to mind. On to the next question.