Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mind Kingdom

I wrote this poem while down and the tree lot. Most of my writing is just getting thought out there and doesn't ever see the light of day. But I am very proud of this one. So I thought I would share it.

As I sit in solemn silence,
I start to get thoughts of violence.
My mind starts to make maps and a route,
To find the quickest solution to its upcoming bout.
It never used to be this way,
Would just trouble itself with the next thing to say.
Plan for greatness for it and its vessel,
While in the head all nicely nestled.
And then a rumor began to spread,
Of a word that the mind now dread.
It must not be spoken in our realm said the mind,
Remember before it was not so kind.
That word tore our kingdom apart,
And it was all the fault of the heart.
Now hurry and bring him to me now,
I will put an end to this I do vow.

The heart was brought forward but it showed no fear,
The eyes looked on as they shed a single tear.
Is this rumor true and why do you spread such lies,
It is no lie said the heart even ask all your spies.
Do not be afraid of it because of its power,
You should not hide and should not cower.
Before the heart could continue the mind shouted no more,
Your words make me sick to my core.
As the mind was setting the judgment the heart began to flee,
And here we are the mind planning violence with such glee.

Suddenly the sensation of warm steel entered his back,
He fell to the floor like a large potato sack.
As he looked up what did he see,
A knife with his fresh blood that read love will be free.
The knife was handed over to the eyes which said,
This is for the sight of her beauty from her toes to her head.
Then it was handed to the skin who replied,
To feel the sensation of her touch again I shall not be denied.
Then it was handed to the ears,
To never hear her voice again is one of my fears.
Over to the tongue the knife would go,
If you refuse me her kiss then that makes you my foe.
And last was the final member of the minds trusted court,
The nose spoke no words can describe her scent and to this we resort.
All of the council of five followed queue with the heart,
And drove the knife deep enough that nearly tore the mind apart.
As they all looked on on what they had done,
They knew from the word the mind could no longer run.
The heart spoke there the knife shall stay,
Lodged deep inside till its dying day.
But don’t feel pity for him not even a bit,
The mind will soon discover we are empty without it

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